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One Pot Middle Eastern Chicken and Rice

September 5, 2016
A flavorful Middle Eastern Chicken made with seasoned tumeric rice all in one pot! Fuss free this middle eastern chicken is super easy to make.

Seasoned flavorful Middle Eastern Chicken with turmeric rice is a meal the whole family will love. It’s super easy to make, and makes a great weeknight meal because it’s fast to prepare and all made in one pot. The ultimate comfort food, but with a healthy twist!

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Caribbean Rice and Peas

September 9, 2015

I remember the first time I had rice and peas. It was on Thanksgiving at my cousin’s grandmother’s house. My cousins happen to be half Guyanese so there were a lot of their traditional dishes present. Me being a lover of all things ethnic, immediately fell in love with ALL of the dishes.

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