Harvest of the Season- The Last Summer Dinner Pop Up

September 25, 2016
Harvest of the Season, The Last Summer Dinner Pop Up, featuring the produce of the California summer sourced from Santa Monica and Hollywood Farmers Market.

Photo by Born.Under.the.Sun

It’s always been a dream of mine to put together/host a dinner party for a group of people, and this past week I got to do so at the Harvest of the Season- The Last Summer Dinner Pop Up.

Pop up dinners have become increasingly popular over the last few years, and their impact on the food and dining industry has really inspired me. When my friend @EatLikeABossLady approached me with the idea of creating our own dinner pop up;  I couldn’t wait to be a part. As someone who loves to create and cook recipes as much as dining out in restaurants; this was the best of both worlds.

Photo by IAmDawnMcCoy

My friend, Bernadette (@EatLikeABossLady) and I met through Instagram. Isn’t it crazy how social media can help you connect with some amazing people who become friends in real life? Both very passionate foodies who love to cook, we started to feel uninspired by the things we were seeing on social media and wanted to bring our own voice and style to the party. It was also right around this time that she discovered Chef Bernadett Vanek (@born.under.the.sun) on Instagram and fell completely in love with her food and beautiful plating. The three of us met, and the collaboration was born.


Photo by EatLikeABossLady

We came up with the name Harvest of the Season because of Chef Bernadett Vanek’s love and passion for using fresh farm to table seasonal ingredients in her cooking. Following her work through her site and Instagram, all of her recipes showcase ingredients that were sourced locally from farmers markets. She believes that “a plate of really good food always starts with the best possible ingredients”, and wanted that to translate into what we were doing. Our first dinner pop up became “The Last Summer Dinner” highlighting the local produce of the long California summer, sourced from Santa Monica and Hollywood farmer’s markets, and took place at the Vene AI Studio in Downtown Los Angeles. 


 Menu designed by Evi

It truly was a treat to be a part of this collaboration. As a home cook spending time around a chef who trained at Le Cordon Bleu was an amazing experience. I learned so much just with this first dinner, and it inspires me to contribute more to the culinary space here in LA.  I am very thankful for my friend @EatLikeABossLady  and Chef Bernadett (@born.under.the.sun) for all of their hard working in helping to make this dinner possible. I’d also like to thank @IamDawnMcCoy for attending and introducing us to @TerriorLife our wine sponsor for the night who brought us some delicious wines from @QupeWines and @TrinityHillHB. Lastly, I’d like to thank all the food influencers who took the time to make it to our dinner pop up. 

This is a post of thanks, and of course to let you guys know to be on the lookout for more! Check out the pics of the food below! Until my next post….

<3, Evi 

California Toast

Photo by SnapTaste                                                                    Photo by EatlikeABossLady

Avocado cream, tomato ceviche, charred corn, micro cilantro, and goat feta.

Green Gazpacho 












Photos by EatlikeABossLady

Lemon cucumber, chevre mousse, green coriander, watermelon, and cilantro.

Summer Moussaka

Photos by EatLikeABossLady

Lamb, heirloom tomatoes, eggplant, potato, and oregano oil.

Peach and Almond Eton Mess


Photo by SnapTaste

Almond cake, peach, lemon verbena creme whip, meringue

Behind the Scenes via SnapChat


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