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The Best Israeli Street Food


No matter where I go; I make it a point to try the street food, and after spending a weeks in Israel I think I found the BEST Israeli street foods!

Thank you to Vibe Israel for sponsoring today’s post.

A few months ago I was lucky enough to travel to Israel with, Vibe Israel, a non profit organization inspiring young people about Israel. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life, and after only spending a few days in the country; it quickly became one of my favorite countries that I had visited. 

I spent my time with 4 other food bloggers as well as the organization leads eating our way through Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Gesher, and Haifa. In each city; we visited different markets where I got to try the most DELICIOUS Israeli street foods. The Israeli cuisine is so unique in the fact that it’s influences span from many countries near the region. A walk through any market and you can really see just how much immigration has impacted the Israeli food scene. Influences range from Turkey, Persia, the Mediterranean, and Africa.  


The best hummus I’ve ever had in my life was in Israel. What’s so amazing about this statement, is that every city I visited the hummus tasted different but was amazing every time. There is something to be said about Israeli hummus. The taste just can’t be replicated. From hummus with a prominent lemon taste to that with a garlic taste there are both simple and extravagant variations of this dish. Hummus is made with chickpeas, tahini, garlic, and lemon. This is the most basic combination of ingredients, but I tasted some with cumin, pine nuts, ground meat on top, and sumac! I love eating my hummus with sliced onions, falafel, sliced tomatoes, and pita! So delicious!



You can’t walk the streets of Israel without finding falafel! This dish of fried chickpeas and seasonings is so good, and when it’s pulled fresh out of the hot oil the taste intensifies! Falafel is eaten across the Middle East and Arabic countries, and each has its own unique recipes. The best falafel I tasted was at a falafel restaurant called Michelle Falafel in Haifa. It was seasoned perfectly and fried to perfection. Falafel tastes good on its own dipped in hummus or in a pita sandwich.  


The best bite of food I had my entire trip was sabich. I have been craving this sandwich ever since I left Israel, and am afraid I won’t be able to have anything like it until I go back. Sabich is a pita stuffed with deep fried eggplant slices, hard boiled eggs, tahini, Israeli salad and cabbage, and amba (a pickled mango sauce). This pita is stuffed to capacity, but done so in such a way that every bite you take you get all of the ingredients its stuffed with. It’s such a delicious taste, and literally an explosion of flavor in your mouth. I definitely recommend trying Sabich when you visit Israel. There are plenty shops all around Tel Aviv.

About Vibe Israel

It’s not often that I get to travel to an organization that is so deeply invested in showing off the beauty and resources of it’s country, and Vibe Israel provided me with such a unique experience that I will remember for the rest of my life. Because of what is often portrayed in the media and news one can be left with a negative connotation of Israel. My view of Israel was completely changed, and I got to tour the country though its food and markets as well as through the people. I learned that the people of  Israel of love to celebrate life, they love to move forward through education and technology, and they love to live together. An incredibly friendly people who are there to help whenever they can. I truly love this country, and cannot wait to visit again! 


Burekas are a very popular street food that are made in many different ways. It’s a pastry made with think flaky dough and stuffed with different fillings like ground meat, veggies, and even cheese. I got to tour the Mahane Yehuda Market in Jerusalem, and had a delicious variation of burekas! They also came with pickles and boiled eggs as well as different sauces and they were amazing! I could eat so many of these little pastries. 

Su Borek

This is a common street food with origins from Turkey. It is very similar to su borek in that it is made with a thin/crispy dough but instead of filling it; its layered like lasagna. I had a version layered with spinach and cheese and the taste was out of this world! If you find yourself in Tel Aviv try Dilek’s Turkish Bakery for some amazing Su borek. It’s located inside the Hatikva Market where you can find some amazing Israeli street food!


Couldn’t end this list without mentioning desert! Malabi is a Persian dessert that is a rose water milk pudding that is both sweet and refreshing. This is the perfect way to end a market tour especially on a hot day! It’s topped with nuts but if you’re like me and don’t like nuts, you can ask for it without them. Found in the Hatikva Market Tel Aviv.

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Want to learn more about Israel and where to get even more delicious Israeli street food? Visit Vibe Israel to learn more! 


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  • Dr. Carol Aki
    January 9, 2020

    Thank you for sharing the history. culture, and food of the nation of Israel. The foods look so appetizing and colorful. I cannot with to try making some of them on my own before going over there for the authentic cuisine. Just love it all…

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